A new high-containment production line in Olon India

We are delighted to announce an additional investment which will further expand our global platform for developing and producing potent and high potent active ingredients, with the aim of being even more flexible, integrated, and capable of meeting the customers’ needs throughout the entire API development phases and supply chain.
We have kicked off the project to install a new high-containment production line in Olon India (Mahad) site, with advanced systems for containing and handling substances up to level OEB4 (up to 1µg/m3).

The new line will be suitable for producing medium-volume batches and will be able to respond to market requests flexibly, particularly in the CDMO field as well as for producing proprietary products.

The high-containment line will complete the range of expertise offered by the Mahad site and supporting the Group’s strategy of promoting back integration along the entire supply chain, including intermediates and APIs.

The new investment underpins the company strategy to strengthen the cross integration of business model: integration along the process of product development and of scale-up to industrialization – wide range of scale batch sizes – along with back integration along the supply chain offering both highly active intermediated and finished API, and a seamless integration among the lines of our sites around the world (US, Europe, India).

We are rolling out an investment of 27 million euros over 2022/2023 totally allocated to the expansion of further internal expertise and capacity of high containment production. We offer one of the most flexible and solid platforms in the global market, for the development and production of highly potent APIs and highly toxic intermediates, with the capacity to develop and produce from very small to large scale, along the entire development chain. It supports the customer at every stage of drug development and during commercialization, which can range from a few grams to hundreds of kg per year.