“Capacity, innovation, sustainability. Now Olon is all grown up”

“Capacity, innovation, sustainability. Now Olon is all grown up”

“We started from a small facility in the province of Pavia and everything grew from there”, said Roberta Pizzocaro, who is now at the helm of a group which in thirty years has proven its standing among global leaders in the production of active substances for the pharmaceutical industry, and among some of the best Italian biotech companies.

“From the start, Olon had three great strengths: expertise, innovation and sustainability. We made a fundamental contribution to the development of one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of patients who are ill with Covid-19, by producing its active substance.

They chose us because we are able to ensure high quality and fast turnaround times. All of which is done with sustainability metrics that few other companies in our sector can offer. Our success comes from the fact that from the very start we invested heavily in innovation. At the same time, we have still maintained the agility of innovative processes that is typical of a small and medium-sized enterprise”

Our Chairwoman said: “We are bringing production back to Europe.”

“Sustainability is something we have always worked on, we have generated significant results in cutting back on electricity and water use. We are on track for a 60% reduction in electricity and water use and carbon dioxide emissions between 2015 and 2025.