CPhI Worldwide 2022, Olon centre of excellence of particle engineering

Alessandro Agosti

At the CPhI Worldwide 2022 in Frankfurt (1–3 Nov), the world’s largest chemical-pharmaceutical industry event, the Olon Group is pleased to announce that its pipeline of active pharmaceutical ingredients is expanding significantly because of its strategy to invest in research and to strengthen the internal expertise applied to developing new molecules.
A global player in developing and producing APIs with one of the longest track records on the market, the Group recorded a significant strengthening of its active ingredients for respiratory use which has been driven by the focus on innovative product applications to niche therapeutic areas with great unmet needs, and also on developing specific physical properties of molecules for the administration via innovative inhalers. The Olon respiratory portfolio includes Albuterol, Indacaterol, Tiotropium, Umeclidinium, and Glycopirronium, and its particle engineering provides key expertise throughout the development process for these molecules.
Olon has set out on an internal path to create a centre of excellence dedicated to particle engineering, namely purchasing advanced equipment and instruments that make it possible to identify, obtain and reproduce the ideal physical characteristics of the API molecule, characteristics with a level of definition and precision never achieved before. “The past and present investments at Olon which include laboratory systems to model the particle size of the specific product, for example different mills, micronisers, spray dryers, wet mills and so on, will allow us to offer maximum flexibility and support to the customer, even in the initial phase of API research. This flexibility will allow us to develop the same product in different particle sizes and relative physical characteristics.  We are also expanding our analysis skills for application to the widest range of physical quality attributes in order to have greater control over the quality and physical characterization of our products”.  Paolo Tubertini, CEO Olon Group, commented
“This will allow the new team to monitor each phase of drug development, optimise the physical form of the new API during the clinical development of new APIs and support new applications/formulations of known drugs – even generic drugs. In addition to the investment for this development team on particle engineering, Olon has also invested in the large-scale equipment, like new micronizes and spray dryers to complete also on the manufacturing level the offer of Olon for the production of the desired highly technological physical form of API with reproducible and reliable processes”