Maurizio Sartorato has joined Olon as VP Biotech Division

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 Olon is pleased to announce that Maurizio Sartorato has joined the Group as VP Biotech Division.

Maurizio Sartorato, who in his new role will be a member of the Leadership Team, will hold responsibility over the Biotech Division – comprising the two Italian Bio Hubs of the Company – coordinating the biotech development and execution of the multi-years strategic business plan. 
Biotech Division is one the most strategic asset of the Italian Group, that indeed is massively investing in its facilities to expand the expertise and increase the capacity. Olon is developing strong know-how for the development of rDNA peptides and proteins.

Maurizio Sartorato holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Pavia and an Executive Mba from Sda Bocconi. He can boast twenty years of technical and managerial experience in roles of increasing responsibility, he previously held the position of CEO of Bidachem S.p.A, and was a member of the Presidential Council of Aschimfarma, the National Association of manufacturers of active and intermediate ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry, which is part of Federchimica